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Infant Care

At The Enrichment Center, we understand the difficulty of leaving your child in the care of others, which is why our experienced caregivers, most of whom have been with us since 1994, strive to create a nurturing and consistent environment. Each infant has a personalized daily schedule for feeding and napping based on their needs and parent instructions. We prioritize close personal interaction, holding, rocking, and talking to your child, and supplement these activities with a soft-scape play area to help develop motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and more. Our caregivers provide a wide selection of baby foods, cereals, fruit juice, whole milk, and table foods, as well as supplies like wipes and sheets.

Parents are asked to provide formula and/or breast milk, diapers, three changes of clothing, and two bibs, which will be used in the room and laundered daily by our staff. To maintain a clean and germ-free environment, we take antiseptic measures such as disinfecting surfaces, and using gloves for diapering and ointment administration. We invite you to visit and observe our infant room to meet our teachers and witness our operations firsthand, so you can feel confident in the care we provide for your child.