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Before & After School

The Enrichment Center's before and after school program is designed for children up to age 9. As they reach this age, we smoothly transition them to our specialized facility, "The Club Next Door." Recognizing the evolving needs and interests of this age group, our program and resources have matured to match their development.

We offer a wide array of engaging activities tailored to their interests, including a well-equipped multipurpose room that features an arts and crafts center for creative projects. Our outdoor activity centers and playscapes cater to all ages, providing a diverse selection of supervised, safe, and enjoyable activities. The children can also participate in organized games on our 45' x 75' Multi Sport Court or enjoy our spacious 1-acre field, complete with a baseball/kickball diamond.

Additionally, The Enrichment Center can accommodate before and after school children during snow days, when scheduling and enrollment permit, ensuring they have a safe and entertaining environment. For school-aged children living in North Royalton, both public and many parochial schools offer convenient transportation to and from our facility.