Our Teachers

Our Teachers

Wishing Well is very proud of the dedication and results achieved by its teachers. Our teachers are mainstays in their communities because they continually meet the expectations of parents, children and local educators. This community acceptance is proven with a tradition of longevity and consistency among our staff. In fact, 50% of our preschool teachers have been teaching at Wishing Well an average of 18 years. Eight of these teachers have been with us for more than 20 years. Needless to say, their daily experiences are instrumental in the development of our curriculum and further increase the chancteacherses you and your children will have positive experiences at Wishing Well Preschools.  

Besides, day to day class-room experience, our teachers have extensive early childhood training in academics, as well as, safety related topics like First Aid, CPR and managing Communicable Diseases. Our teachers also welcome parental involvement and even have a couple programs throughout the year that encourage family participation. This helps make them uniquely qualified to provide your child with a learning environment that aids in cognitive, social/emotional and physical development. We believe that letting children have fun is the key to learning.



It would be great to have you experience Wishing Well first hand so please visit,  telephone or send an e-mail to the appropriate Assistant Director to learn more.

Contact one of our Assistant Directors:

The Enrichment Center

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Hours 6:30-6:00

North Royalton

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19419 Royalton Road
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The Club Next Door

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