“READING, RHYTHM, & READINESS” will begin the series of extracurricular classes being offer at Wishing Well. This 5 Week Program incorporates the fun of music and movement while focusing on listening and strengthening fine motor skills. These important tools will help your preschooler enjoy every aspect of their preschool experience. This preparatory course will concentrate on developing the necessary dexterity to hold a pencil/crayon/marker correctly, cut with scissors, and color with confidence. It will also strengthen reading and listening skills through music and dramatic play.   This mix of exciting activities will bring out the creativity of your child!

"COUNTING ON MATH" allows your child to explore math through real situations and playful activities that encourage counting, measuring, patterning and mathematical problem solving. Give your child the opportunity to learn the value of money and then go shopping at our "Wishing Well Classroom Store", use a scale and graph their favorite things to learn about math!extrascience

"DISCOVERY PLAY" is a science-based play program. Your child will get to wiggle like a worm, be baffled by a bug, make sense of his/her senses, adore the animal world, marvel at magnets and so much more. While they are doing this, they will be learning about the world we live in, forces, changes, why a boat floats and much more. Science skills at an early age is a wonderful way to boost thinking ability and help children make sense of their world. This will be a wonderful opportunity for us to take your child on a science adventure the fun way!

"STEPPING INTO READING" is a reading program designed to show children that they can experience an adventure each time they open a book. A central goal during the preschool years is to expose children to books and their print. This program is designed using a whole language approach. We will present reading concepts through patterning books and Mother Goose Rhymes. Though the program, we will introduce your child to "popcorn" words and word families. At the end of the 5 weeks, your child will come home with their very own mini books.

These 4 classes are one day a week, for 2 1/2 hours. These programs are extra-curricular and are not related to your child's current class enrollment. There will be an additional fee for these programs (fees to be announced). These programs are only available at our Strongsville and Wallings Road locations.

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